Experience and Capabilities

Jeff Kendall is an electrical automation controls engineer with an extensive background in designing Motor Controls, Operator Interface and PLC/PAC controls for complex automation systems. For the last 20 years, he has an operated an independent contract engineering and service business in Seattle. His prior work history includes planning, scheduling, design and commissioning of control systems for numerous engineering and end-use customers. Jeff’s early career resume includes employment for Rockwell Automation, Weyerhaeuser, Baldor Electric (ABB) and Sweo-Drive Controls.

Sample of Customers:

Google - Automated laboratory equipment for specialized material properties measurements using Agilent test equipment.

Gallagher Tool & Instrument - Automated laboratory machinery to measure carbon fiber tape dimensions to 1 micron of resolution required for satellite operations. Tension control unwind and rewind spools for fully automated processing. Data logging with 1.3 million samples per 24 hour period.

Boeing, Inc - Automated manufacturing equipment for carbon fiber spar assemblies for the 787 airplane. In partnership with Boeing, received a patent on this equipment.

Boeing, Inc - Automated manufacturing equipment for carbon fiber stringer assemblies for the 777x airplane. Multiple axes of control.

Boeing/Nova-Tech Engineering, Inc – Automated Guided Vehicle control system for transferring the 737 airplane wing on the factory floor.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries / Tamadic, Inc (Nagoya, Japan) – Aircraft iron bird high speed dynamometer for testing avionics systems. A pair of 120HP at 6500rpm prime movers with AC regenerative and Utility power loss braking capability of high inertia loads.

Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI) / Korean VLBI Network (KVN) (Seoul, Korea) – A dual axis, 4 motor active backlash compensated motion control system to position a 22 meter diameter radio-telescope dish weighing 130,000 lbs. With an accuracy of better than 1 arc-sec.

Weyerhaeuser. High volume baby diaper manufacturing machine upgrade to produce new product feature “Standing Leg Gathers”. Executed a $6.5 million, two-year plan to upgrade 30 machines in seven manufacturing facilities in two countries.

Design, Commissioning and Field Engineering

We are experts in project management for new installations, commissioning, retrofits and catastrophic system recovery. Our engineers are experienced in hazardous industrial manufacturing environments and have completed OSHA electrical safety-related work practices training 1910.331-335.

Develop project specifications and BOM lists. Develop and negotiate contract documents for managing subcontractors.

Software programming for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC),

Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC) and HMI’s. A Rockwell Automation Systems Integrator with all software for any product.​

Engineering for Motor Controls, across-the-line and electronic drives. Including Cranes, Lifts and Elevators.

Rotary Servo, Linear Servo and High Power AC Vector Motor Motion control system design and analysis.

Paper, Film and Foil converting line operations including automation control equipment for stackers, unwinders, rewinders and packaging equipment.

Common DC Bus Drive design and configuration for dynamometers, centrifuges and other coordinated mechanical systems.

Vehicle/Shipboard system design and troubleshooting – Batteries, Inverters, Controls, 1 & 3 phase Generator control and monitoring.

Field Documentation and Programming services – trace, identify and document existing wiring systems. Analysis existing software programming and add new features or resolve recurring problems.

Industrial equipment failure analysis. Specialty analysis equipment such as Ethernet Cable Certifiers, Physical Media Inspection, 3D microscopes, high voltage oscilloscopes, 3 phase power monitors, dynamic vibration analyzers and thermal analysis equipment.

Documentation and Analysis Services

Our technical writers are experts in assessing the information requirements of your document’s target audience and creating well structured, easy-to-read documentation.

User manuals, application notes, product articles, specification documents.

Develop and perform training seminars.

Sales presentations, technical product presentations.

AutoCAD Electrical drawing services for PCB, equipment wiring and automation control system wiring.

Specify and provide complete Bill of Materials for project procurement.

Functional Safety design, analysis and documentation using SISTEMA software. Risk Assessments using DesignSafe software.

Relevent standards:

  • NFPA 79-2007: Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery
  • IEC 60204-1 Safety of machinery - Electrical equipment of machines.
  • ANSI B56.5 - Safety Standard for Driverless, Automatic Guided Industrial Vehicles and Automated Functions of Manned Industrial Vehicles
  • ANSI/RIA 15.06-1999: Industrial Robots and Robot Systems - Safety Requirements ANSI RIA/ISO 10218-1-2007 - Robots for Industrial Environment
  • UL 508A: Standard for Industrial Control Panels OSHA 1910 Subpart O – Machinery and Machine Guarding
  • ANSI B11.0 (2010) Safety of Machinery General Requirements and Risk Assessment
  • ANSI B11.TR3-2000 Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction
  • ANSI B11.19-2010 Performance Criteria for Safeguarding
  • EN ISO 13849-1 and -2: Safety of machinery, control systems